Our Story?

Why the question mark you ask?  Well, its complicated but our crackerjack research team had to do a little compositional improvisation to fill in some details.  But our story(ish) is as follows:

The perfection that you are about to enjoy was born in the spirit of the land and the sky.  Legend has it that on a fateful day some 17,000 years ago, a group of Paleo-Indian hunters were engulfed in a relentless haboob that hid the sun from the earth.  Believing that the darkness was a punishment, the hunters called on the god of goodness and light, later known as Hahgwehdiyu to the Iroquois, to stop the howling winds with the promise of a life of servitude.  With a crack of thunder, the skies opened up with a cleansing rain.  Each rain drop gathered the nutrients from the airborne dust cloud and the ground surrounding the great shade trees lining the Sulfur Springs Draw became saturated.  Exhausted by their fervent prayers, the hunters quickly fell asleep as the dust-engulfed air quickly opened to the stars.

Young Gyantwaka was the first to awaken when an oblong object fell from a nearby tree and struck his head.  Looking towards the rising sun he saw that the shade trees were now laden with a great fruit.  Breaking a shell open and being captured by the magic of the content’s essence, he took his first taste and screamed in delight.  Alarmed by the screams of Gyantwaka , the hunters quickly rose to their feet and as they ran towards him, cried out in pain.  The pain was caused by stepping on the oval shaped fruit covering the ground but hidden in the grass of the land we now call an orchard. The hunters quickly realized that their servitude would be to care for this magical tree, its fruit, and raking the abundance of shells and leaves in the fall.

Today, we invite you to share in the same magic as the brave Gyantwaka by tasting one of our pralines, rounders, or mini-pies.  The gift of the pecan remains strong today. We promise that when you taste one of Jeanne’s creations, you will celebrate in the same manner as Gyantwaka millennia ago.  Damn, these things are good…